A Short, Handy Guide To Cryptocurrency Trader Jargon

Investing.com - Like traders on Wall Street, cryptocurrency traders have their own language, featuring expressions, abbreviations and acronyms. Some of it is borrowed and some of it is new, unique to the Internet, texting generation.Here's a few key concepts.FUD: It means "fear, uncertainty and doubt", and is self-explanatory.HODL: It means "hold on for dear life," and is used when prices are volatile. Its origin is based on a typo that appeared on a trading forum years ago. The author meant "HOLD".Pump and dump: This is a coordinated effort to quickly buy and sell a coin, making a profit on its increase in valueRekt: An abbreviation for the word "wrecked", or the condition you are in when you lose a lot of money.Sats: This abbreviation is for "Satoshis", as in Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin. It refers to the smallest unit of one bitcoin.Whale: It means a big investor, particularly one who can move prices.

(Source: Investing TV, February 14, 2018 at 11:08AM)

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